Cookery Books on Kindle

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Cookery Books on Kindle

After receiving the Amazon Christmas promo for cookery books I noticed that only The Hairy Bikers and Rachel Allen have theirs on Kindle.
I don't have a Kindle but surely there is no substitute for the real thing when it comes to cookery books?
Do you get pics on the Kindles or is it just text ???

Can't imagine "browsing", but I suppose they can be wiped clean when splashed.


Cookery books on Kindle

I don't really think its suitable for cookery books to be honest, Yummy.

Yes, you can get pictures, but not in colour and it puts itself to sleep after 10 minutes of being on the same page, so you'd need to go and walk it up if you needed to check a recipe, possibly with grubby kitchen hands.

Its really, in my view, just to read standard books.


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