The Girl who Played with Fire

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The Girl who Played with Fire

Wow -only got a few pages left of the second book in the trilogy. So enjoying it, and really glad I was encouraged to read the first one.

Grannie Cool

The Girl wh Played with Fire.

Good for you Noreen, now you simply HAVE to read the final book. I read them one after the other. There was precious little done around here whilst I was reading them I can tell you!!!!


The Girl who played with fire.

Dragon Tattoo is my next read on my kindle.


The Girl who Played with Fire

Grannie, I want to leave some time to go by before I start the third one or I think I will regret it. I have about 30 pages left, and I stopped reading it in bed last night so that I could drag it out and finish tonight.

I wouldn't have read them if it wasn't for everyone on here.....

Liz from Cumbria

Larsson trilogy

So glad you've enjoyed the second one Nor, the last one will make sense of it all for you. James, I think you'll really enjoy the trilogy - once you get past the first 30 pages of the first one.

Larsson Trilogy

Ahhh, I finished book 2 last night. Now I am in a quandry as I think if I leave it too long before reading the third one, I will forget what happened, and the second book sort of leaves you guessing.....!

Did anyone else struggle a little remembering who was who in Book 2?

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