Books set in your holiday destination

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Books set in your holiday destination

Following on from Paypol who doesn't like reading anything not set in the UK... Do you ever buy a book that is set in your holiday destination, just to get the extra 'feel'?



Classic example! I'd already read Matthew Fort's Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons but when we booked a trip to Sicily last month, I read it again! And last year when we went to Provence, I re-read Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence. Sitting in a caf&"233; bar in Rousillon, I imagined he might just pass by - hoho! She dreams on - - -



Lampedusa's "The Leopard", short and powerful.

Gravy Queen 1

Holiday novels

No Knorr I dont think I have ever done that!

Would Jamaica Inn count do you think?


Yes, definitely.

I always try to do that, Nor. When we went to Cuba, I took with me a wonderful book called Cuba In Mind, which is an anthology of fiction, non-fiction and poetry from 31 writers - including Trollope, Hemingway and Graham Greene right through to Elmore Leonard. It was lovely to sit there on the beach reading it, sipping my icy mojito!

Sometimes the best place to find destination related books is in the location itself. But you could always go with a James Bond book like Dr No or Live and Let Die, Gravy - Fleming wrote them while in Jamaica. ;)

Biggles !

If I can....

We have bought several books written about people's experiences in Greece, mainland and specifically Skopelos. Always adds a lot more. Also reading novels such as Captain Corelli addsd so much more. Many years ago we started dreaming of moving to Greece, but here we are in France :0)

At the moment I'm reading a super book sent to me by Yummy, about a chap who bought an old mill in France. I'm in hysterics when I read certain parts. Very enjoyable and in parts, Oh, so true.


French renovations

I have just finished Bon Courage about the renovation of an old property in France. Can't believe how many of these I've read but I always have a chuckle. We have been in France just over 2 years now and are still continuing with our 'project' but I have to say it was nothing like you usually read about in books.



Not a holiday destination but I've just read two books by Freya North set in the North East of England where I was born - Saltburn, Stokesley and the Transporter Bridge playing major parts. One of them is a Book Club choice so it'll be interesting to see how much my opinion has been influenced by the location. I loved them.

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