Must Pull In The Reins

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Must Pull In The Reins

Since Xmas I've bought eleven cook books. Two of them are eight book sets.
She'll kill me if I don't slow down but I just can't resist them. Anyone else addicted? We could start a help group.
"My name's ******* and I can't help buying cook books by "Herself" and now own 83 copies of DCCC.

Liz from Cumbria

Gifts don't count!

My last one was a gift so I'm ok (for now at least!) I keep promising himself, as well as myself, that I won't buy any more cookbooks but then one will literally bounce off the shelf and wave at me and, of course, being such a sucker, I can't leave the poor book feeling as though it's been neglected and ignored so "My name is Liz and ....."


cook books

Just received 4 more from The Book People, I keep promising myself no more but it is a terrible addiction and I can't see any end to it. glad to know I'm not alone!

foxy xx


Me too

Definitely an addiction. We bought a second home about 18 months ago and I am currently duplicating my favourite cook books otherwise I end up packing a bag of books every other weekend. Hubby just raises his eyes to heaven but it could be worse - at least I am not addicted to expensive shoes. chillie

Fifi La BonBon

My name is Fifi and I....

am a cookbookaholic. Also a ripper-out of magazine pages. I've been know to tear out pages in Doctor's and Dentist's waiting rooms when I think no one is looking. My file cover marked "must try these" is now bulging like mad and still I go on. I just love looking, comparing similar recipes and eventually cooking and eating. I don't think I want to be cured, but OH is waving bank statements, so must pull myself together.

Fifi La BonBon

Bazzer, you need help

Have just done a double take Bazzer! ELEVEN cookbooks? I thought I was bad, but you make me feel better. Now I can go out and get another, knowing there's someone worse than me, ha ha.


Can never have too many

Oh I'm so relieved to read all these "confessions." I was worrying myself and seriously wondering if I should seek help! Now I know for sure that I do, along with you lot! Ha ha! Like you Chillie we have acquired a second dwelling and as I could not decide which books to take and which to leave, I bought duplicates. I am at the point now in my "condition" that I only have to hear a food mentioned on radio, tv, online and if it appeals to me I search out books apertaining to it! At my last count about 10 years ago I had over 300 cookbooks and since then have given up keeping a total. Many people have obsessions and what better in my opinion, than cookery books.

JamJar aka Chutney Queen

always another cookbook to tempt

Well, there is. I did actually manage to cast off just a few when I had my new kitchen back in Sept. - but then found myself sneaking up to attic to check, and some of them ended up back on the shelves!
Goes without saying that recipes are also cut out of magazines (especially BBC Good Food) and newspapers, and other people's books perused and then recipes written out or p/copied.
In fact I blame The Book People for most of my purchases, too good to resist.
I've also found some brilliant ones in charity shops.


The Book People

They should have a health warning on their home page, vans and brochures and not be allowed to sell to anyone under 75 without the consent of a grandparent.
Now to sort out Amazon, Waterstones, Ottakers, Smiths etc.


Cookery Book Addiction

Me too. I have stopped looking on The Book People site and Bananas but still can't resist the charity shops. Have just found Elizabeth David's Med. Cooking so about try some of the recipes. I can think of a lot worse addictions so don't beat myself up too much. I just need another bookcase!. Cx


Glad I found this thread.....

I think that my cookbook and recipe collection might not hold a candle to others here but I do like looking at recipes and my Amazon wish list contain a lot of cookbooks.

Even my OH has recently bought another book- Martha Stewart Cupcakes and would like to give the decorating a go.

We also enjoy looking through magazines for recipes and I have two binders full of recipes. One advantage of being a John Lewis/Waitrose card holder & Tesco Food Club member is that we get their magazines for free!!!

Expat Badger

not enough cookbooks

have just built a huge bookcase and don't have enough books to fill it. I actually only have about 15 cookbooks so i'm quite good...but i have years ahead of me!

What a shame....must move cookbooks from pantry to bookshelves....and MAYBE get a couple more to fill the gaps...

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