The most infuriating thing about Delia's cookery books has to be this....

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The most infuriating thing about Delia's cookery books has to be this....

....nearly every recipe calls for ingredients that mean visiting about 3 different supermarkets just to complete the list!

I wish that Delia would bring out a recipe book that not only listed suppliers (as most of her modern ones do) but actually relied on just ONE supermarket per recipe.

e.g. Delia's Lasagne would state "I was able to find all of the ingredients for this recipe at my local Tesco"

On the next page, Delia's Cannelloni might state Sainsbury etc.

It REALLY would help alot!

Biggles !

Yes, but.....

we don't all live in large connurbations (sp) and stores, such as Tesco, stock different items in different parts of the country.

Lovely idea you have suggested but I think very difficult to impose for a whole raft of reasons.....


Just not practical.....

Delia is aiming for a perfect result. If Tescos dried lasagne is better than Sainsburys for example, then I want to know!

I don't think the any recie should be restricted to the supplier as all have their strenghts and weaknesses.

Many of the items are store cupboard ingredients anyway. Very rare to have to go out and buy every singel ingredient for any dish you want to cook surely??


Liz from Cumbria

Practical recipes

To my mind, a recipe is a guideline rather than written in stone and also people have differing budgets so you go for the best you can afford whether it be Delia's recommended brand or not! As that Meerkat says "simples"!

Expat Badger

The most infuriating thing about Delia's cookery books has to be this....

*snort* oh Liz my sister showed me those adverts when i was over the other week - too funny!!
Sorry - totally off topic.

but yes i agree with Biggs- everyone lives in such diverse areas - think how annoyed you'd be if she told you everything would be in Tesco and when you got there they were missing something!!


No tesco or sainsbury

Listing supermarkets will not mean anything to anyone living outside the UK. Tesco and Sainbury have not invaded us as yet even though Lidl have.

So I do not see the point of listing ingredients where you can only find in one supermarket.

Also, times change and if you own the book for a number of years, ingredient location will certainly be out of date.

JamJar aka Chutney Queen

supermarket stock

I can't see what the problem is here - most supermarkets except say very small Somerfields, Co-ops etc. stock just about everything you can think of. I certsainly wouldn't want to be told which shop to go to and that would soon go out of date anyway. For example, if you were making a classic lasagne I am quite sure you could purchase all the necessary ingredients in a Tesco, a Sainsbury, a Waitrose, Morrisons, even a Somerfield/Co-op.

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