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One Is Fun

Is it likely that there will be an update to the One IS Fun cook book?



One is a Fun would be great if it was updated- it's nearly 30 years ago since it was first published, and I still use it today. But agree that a few of the recipes would benefit from updating to reflect current tastes and wider ingredient availability. How about it Delia?! Pleeeeeeeese!

Noreen, Board Moderator

One is Fun

There are no plans at the moment to update the book, but I will show Delia your message. She will be thrilled to know you are still using it and if there is anyone not familiar with the book, we have some of the recipes online, you can see them here.


me too

I use it too - since my wife is gluten free due to coeliac disease, I do a lot of 'individual' stuff containing gluten for myself.

Anne Rudduck Jones

One is Fun!

This is THE book by Delia that taught me to cook for myself, properly, in my early thirties. I adored it, used it constantly, cooked for my flat mates and then, later, scaled up many of the recipes and cooked them for boyfriends and groups of pals. I've since used all Delia's other books, of course, but I still cook from One is Fun, and recommend it to anyone starting to cook. The LE Creuset cast iron gratin dishes I bought, on the book's recommendation, are being used tonight...thirty years later...value!
Yes, an update would be marvellous but I pity anyone who tries to prise my original copy away from me! Thank you, Delia.


This becomes a trip down memory lane.

I have almost all Delia's books, she has taught me how to cook and to do it reasonably well.

Rather odd since I'm a yank and live in the USA.

My wife had been to the UK in the early 1989s and brought back, of all things, a Family Circle magazine with a knitting pattern she liked. It had an article about Delia and how to make good chips.

It was a great recipe.

When I visited the UK in 1990 myself, I found the omnibus volume of the cookery course and bought it.

Things are way easier. Ow to get international books - not so much now. I make it a point always to buy British editions as the ?Americanizing of books can leave important stuff out.

So I've been a Delia fan for just about 25 years.



One is fun

Hi Nate

Would you call yourself a 'yank' even though you live in Montana?


Question about the book

Hi I was thinking about getting this book as I am recently widowed and just don't know where to start with cooking for myself after more than 3 decades of cooking for two. It seems pointless to go to a lot of effort just for me and I am surviving on ready meals which I am getting sick of the sight of. I make the odd omelette but that's all I've 'cooked' since my husband died. Does the book give hints and tips on the basics of cooking for one as well as recipes?

Noreen, Board Moderator

Recipes for 1

Hi June!

Delia's book, One is Fun was published quite a long time ago, so I am not sure if you would find the advice particularly up to date, but we do have a selection of recipes on the site

As you can see, we don't even have photos for many recipes! But it will give you an idea for cooking for yourself and what is in the book.

violet eyes

One is Fun, what a bargain

This is one book I never bought, until today.

Went into a charity book shop and there is was also Delia's Winter Collection both in hardback. They were 50p each both were in excellent condition, probably hardly looked at.
Lot's of lovely sounding recipes in the One is Fun , can't wait to try some.
I will have to pass the Winter Collection book onto someone else as I've got that.


Sorry for no reply

Somehow missed replying to Maggie's post in January.

I call myself a Yank, yes. I was not born south of the Mason-Dixon line - where calling oneself a Yank is not a good thing (see US Civil War).

I know many folks in Britain call us Yanks and I'm happy with that.

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