Books and their films

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Books and their films

Blondie's comment on the previous thread prompted me to ask whether you prefer to read the book first or see the film. For me, I much prefer to read the book first so I can form my own images of what the characters are like, imagine the settings and try to predict the plot or story line. Sometimes the film can be a bit of a let-down especially when they cut out loads or alter things eg the ending as happened in The Horse Whisperer though I didn't object to looking at Robert Redford - LOL!

Books and their films

I must say I very rarely watch a film that I have read the book to. It does always seem a let down particularly if say the whole ending has been changed. A few that spring to mind though would be the first Harry Potter film, I think because it was a short book they could keep most of the story in.

The Devil Wears Prada was a good film, Meryl Streep was fantastic.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas was shot from a totally different perspective to the book, and with the music was, I thought, really good - gave me goosebumps!


Book v Film

Whatever I do first I do not do the other cos it is bound to spoil it . Prefer reading to seeing though .

Liz from Cumbria

Definitely prefer reading

I'm guilty of nodding off when watching a film - even (maybe especially)in the cinema! Must be the dark that does it - well that's my excuse anyway.


Book, every time!

Def the book. There are not many films that I really like. They bore me.

cannot sit down through an entire film in one go, I get too bored, yet I can easilly sit on the sofa reading for three hours in an evening! go figure!



Books and Their Films

Both my sister and loved 'The Name of the Rose' as a film, then read the book. It was a million times better, so convoluted. The film I won't see is 'Life of Pi' because I have my own image of what happened (or didn't).



Book rather than film

I also much prefer to read a book first rather than see the film first. You are able to form your own ideas and opinions about characters and scenes and sometimes the film can spoil these.
I read "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" and I'm afraid I can not bring myself to watch the film as I know the ending and do not want to face seeing it on a big screen!

sam from worthing


all the way, I usually extremely dissappointed in film adaptations of books.

Hated Boy in Stripped Pyjamas on film. Hated Da Vinci Code on film.

However there is a couple of expceptions...

The god father films are amazing - the book i can never get on with. and also misery by stephen king - both book and film i thought were excellant.

There has been a few films out lately, that i didn;t realise were books originally, like the duchess for one - i would like to read that.

but on the whole prefer books to film versions.

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