Granny Cool - YOO HOO

Want to recommend a wonderful book to other members? Please do so ... whether it's food or not, we'd love to find out more.


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Liz from Cumbria

Granny Cool - YOO HOO

Just been recommended another "yarny" book "A Shop on Blossom Street" by Debbie Macomber. Just downloaded The Blossom Street Bundle, three books which incorporates A Shop.... Will let you know what it/they are like but they come well-recommended, thought it/they'd be of interest to you.


Grannie Cool

FAO Liz in Cumbria

Hi Liz, Thanks so much for thinking of me. Needless to say I immediately went to Amazon and have ordered "The Blossom Street" bundle.
These will make excellent holiday reading when the other half is waist high in water fishing in the Orkney. Thanks once again.
Cheers, GC.

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