The Fishing Fleet.........

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Grannie Cool

The Fishing Fleet.........

The Fishing Fleet..... Husband Hunting in the Raj by Anne de Courcy.

From the late 19th century when the Raj was at it's height, many of Britian's brightest young men went out to India to find work. Young
women then found themselves suffering from a shortage of eligible young men, so they followed in their wake with one goal, to find a husband. They were known as the "Fishing Fleet".
On arrival they found men outnumbered women 4 to romances were conducted at alarming speed. After marriage many went to live in remote spots never knowing quite what were to face
them....illness, etc etc.
I found this a really enjoyable read, highly entertaining with masses of anecdotes. What a brave
and courageous bunch of ladies they


The fishing fleet

This is on my list of books to read. Might download to my kindle. I love books about life in the Raj. Glad you enjoyed it Grannie Cool. x

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