The Thread by Victoria Hislop

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The Thread by Victoria Hislop

"The Thread" this book follows "The Island", and "The Return", and if it is as good a read as the others I will be really thrilled.

Based in Thessaloniki in 1917 this book promises to be just as captivating as the other two.

I have so much going on though here at the minute I just dare not start it as nothing else will get done..... tempting as it is !!!


V Hislop's novels

Thanks for the reminder, Yummy. Read The Island ages ago and have just ordered the other two.

Grannie Cool

Victoria Hislop's Novels.

I too have read and enjoyed "The Island" and "The Return" and have yet to read "The Thread" which Is on my kindle. Also if you are looking for some holiday reading, why not try "One Cretan Evening" and four other short stories. Most enjoyable.

Yvonne the Novice

A Good Yarn

Hislop does spin a good yarn here, no woolly phrases and the plot is easy to cotton on to!

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