Calling Granny Cool ......

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Liz from Cumbria

Calling Granny Cool ......

I've just been alerted to Maggie Sefton's Knitting Mystery Series, the first book of which is Knit one, kill two. Apparently, as well as being good stories, there are a couple of knitting patterns included. I'm into crochet rather than knitting BUT that doesn't detract from a good read. They are available for kindle so off to download the first one. Thought they might interest you too.

Grannie Cool

Calling Liz from Cumbria.

Sorry I'm a bit slow in answering.
Iv'e been into patchwork making the last two days......were did the day's go??????
Re: the knitting mysteries. Thanks SO much for thinking of me.
I shall look into it straight away. Sounds just up my street!!!
Many thanks once do get nice sorts on this site!!!

Cheers............. GC.

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