Send me no flowers - Jenny Tomlin

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sam from worthing

Send me no flowers - Jenny Tomlin

not on kindle yet.

well, if you like Martina Cole type books - with pretty graphic descriptions of sex and violence, this is a book for you.

set in the late 1980's London, tell the tale of a young 17 yr old fresh from passing O Levels with her life ahead and many plans made with her 2 best friends - until she meets and falls in love - with horrific and gripping out come.

had me hook lined and sinkered from the off - i really found it hard to put down, even though some bits replused me - i wanted to read more.

And would read Jenny's other books.

Grannie Cool

Send me no flowers.

Hi! Sam,
Just looked up the above and have downloaded it on my kindle. However, she has also written "Sweetie". I don't think I will be reading that one, it seems to be far to graphic and disturbing for my taste.


Send Me No Flowers - Jenny Tomlin

Many thanks for the recommendation - just my sort of thing!

Liz from Cumbria

Another download coming up...

There are a fair few of us going over the "dark side". I love a bit a blood and gore, within reason! Like a bit of froth in between although "froth" doesn't include Mills and Boon type stuff - although I'm told that Mills and Boon can be quite racy these days ;o)


Send me no flowers

Just read some reviews of this book and it does sound graphic and violent. Especially as it's based on her own life, married to a violent drug addict!!
Don't know if it's my kind of book, but I guess I'd need to
try it before making a decision!

And yes, Liz, I have heard that M&B books have got a lot racier - but that wouldn't be hard to do!!

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