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sam from worthing

Student Cook Book recommendations its off to uni time for many.

can anyone recommend a really good "student" cook book that is really easy to follow that also - actually assumes it contains frugal budget type recipes or cook in bulk and freeze recipes.




for students

Last year I bought my niece Nosh 4 Students by Joy Alison May. It looked fun, colourful and practical & a bit more attractive than the ones I bought my own three when they went to uni over a decade ago.



If you are in halls you wont have freezer space to cook and freeze anyway. We shared one shelf between three........


Fifi La BonBon

Student Cook books

A brand new one, that I'm getting for a young friend is "From Pasta to Pancakes", a student survival cookbook by Tiffany ???? (forgotten her surname)! It looks very good and has good recommendations. A bit different to my first cookbook, dear old Katherine Whitehorn "Cooking in a Bedsitter", in which she suggests keeping all your ingredients in a suitcase under the bed.


Student Cookbooks

Ahh Katherine Whitehorn brings back memories of student accomodation in Cambridge when training at Addenbrookes Hospital . 5 of us lived "out" in a house and used her book often ,never kept things at least not food under the bed . !!

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